While Mommy was busy baking brownies, Brynn found the toothpaste and pretended to paint toothpaste art on the wall with a spoon that she bogarted from the dishwasher when Mommy’s back was turned.

Our story today begins in that awkward parenting moment when you find yourself in too close of proximity to a raving mad mom unleashing her fiery fury on her less than receptive children in the middle of aisle 5 at Tom Thumb.  Yes, our grocery store is called Tom Thumb (non-Texans, please take a moment to giggle).  Now on with the story.  Me, Trey, and Brynn find ourselves somewhere between the bagels and the hot dog buns when crazed mother comes barreling around the corner, dragging her 2 sons behind her.
Fiery Mad Mom: [insert raving rant here that said sons ignore and we pretend isn’t happening in respect to proper-disciplining-in-public-parent-code].  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!!!!
Disobedient Boys: [silence]
Fiery Mad Mom: You will say, “Yes Ma’am.”
Disobedient Boys: [more silence, staring at feet]
Fiery Mad Mom: That’s “Yes Ma’am”…”Yes Ma’am”…”YES MA’AM!!!!!!”
Disobedient Boys: [again silence]
Brynn: Yes Ma’am!
Me & Trey: [Blush, heads down…can’t get around the corner to aisle 6 fast enough before melting into laughter]

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