Brynn swimming with Daddy at the Carroll Rec 

The Scene: Jen is groggily aware of Trey changing Brynn’s diaper at 6am while she tries to rest from a long night of ongoing sleepless tears (side note: dear teething fairy…please get on with it and out of our house by tomorrow!)
TREY:  Brynn?!?!?!  Are you a sheep or a goat?!!!
JEN (only faintly hears this conversation and returns to sleep.

TREY:  Did you overhear me ask Brynn this morning if she was a sheep or a goat?
JEN: Vaguely.  I was in and out of sleep.  What’s the deal?
TREY:  She pooped a pack of woodland pellets and I could not keep them contained in the diaper while I was trying to change her.
(To get the full effect of this one, please reference the definition of “Woodland Pellets” on Trey’s all time favorite “Types of Diaper Loads” chart HERE.

The Scene: Jen is cleaning lettuce for supper and accidentally drops a piece on the floor.  Riley swoops in to steal the lettuce and retreats to the living room rug to explore her new treat.  Trey discovers Riley several minutes later with the lettuce broken into half a dozen pieces in front of her on the rug.
TREY:  Riley?!?!?!?!?!  It’s a piece of lettuce; not a meal!!  Eat it!!
JEN [laughing, laughing, laughing]
5 minutes later:  Jen is making a regular salad for Trey with no hint of veggies; however, she is making a taco salad with lots of veggies for herself.  This will come as no surprise to those of you who know Trey.  Jen drops a piece of chopped orange pepper on the floor.  Riley swoops in once again to take the pepper captive.  Riley heads back to the rug and spits out the pepper, clearly disappointed in her loot.
TREY:  See, Jen!  You know that’s bad when Riley won’t even eat your food.  She eats poop!!

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