I certainly did not expect to post twice in one day, but it turns out it’s a two post kind of day.  Baby Girl’s on a role.

My morning began with this conversation:

Brynn’s dancing around the living room and I smell poop.

Me: “Brynn, did you poop?”
Brynn: “Noooo.”
Me: BRYNN, did you poop?”
Brynn: “Noooo.”
Brynn: “NO.” [insert big smile] “Take a height!” (I can only assume this means “take a hike”)

My afternoon began like this:

Brynn wasn’t too excited about going down for nap, most likely because she was watching Barney on the iPad prior to nap time and adamantly requesting Curious George.  I finally get her down and begin Pinterest-ing in my bedroom.  Side note, I’m in my skivvies no less because that is the only comfortable attire at this stage in my pregnancy.  The monitor is silent.  All of a sudden the Curious George theme song comes blasting from the living room.  I rush in there in a panic (yes, in my knickers), wondering what caused the iPad to turn on by itself and praying I stop it in time to preserve sleeping beauty’s slumber.  Low and behold, sleeping beauty is not sleeping at all, but rather has learned how to open her bedroom door, come down the stairs, turn on the iPad, google Curious George, and help herself to a private viewing.  When I give her the shocked-angry-mama-in-her-underpants stare down, she simply returns her all too familiar “that just happened” look of mischief.

2 thoughts to “Today’s Mischief

  • Deborah Raney

    Oh, my gosh! I just spewed my coffee cooler! That is TOO hilarious! I'll be praying extra hard for you for the next 16 years or so! LOL!

  • Tobi

    I love that girl!


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