Today is Thursday, which means it’s popcorn day at Brynn’s school!  In exchange for a quarter, the kids purchase popcorn from the PTA on Thursdays.  This is…a very big deal.  As in, it’s in my calendar with an alert and we do NOT forget to send a quarter in her lunch bag on Thursdays, lest the child come home all sad faces.  Brynn gets off the bus today and tells me, “Mom, I’m going to tell you something that’s going to make you happy!”  I’m intrigued.  “Mom, there’s a girl in my class, Livey, and she didn’t have popcorn and I saw her face was sad and I shared some of mine with her.”

I paused to swallow a little lump in my throat and then praised my baby girl.  “Brynn, Mommy is so proud of you.  I’m so happy that you’re learning so much cool stuff in school and that’s very important, but do you know what Mommy cares about most?  I care about how you treat other people.  When you are kind to friends, it makes Mommy so happy and proud.  I want you to try hard in school and learn as much as you can, but even more than I want you to be smart, I want you to be a good friend to everyone.”  Without skipping a beat, this crazy child responds, “Well God must have made me really special because I’m both.”  We’re still working on her modesty.  😉

In itself, this is probably a small act of courtesy unworthy of documentation.  But for me?  It is everything.  I have mom guilt.  Who doesn’t?  It ebbs and flows, but I find myself wrestling it more frequently now that Brynn is in public school.  I have several friends that I highly respect that made the decision to homeschool their kiddos for very good reasons.  They’re rocking it.  They’re raising good kids, active in the homeschool community and I struggle with my decision not to follow suit.  Did I make the right decision for my family?  Should I go back on that decision?

In our small group last week, the question was posed what successful parenting might look like once our kids are grown.  For me, more than anything, I want to raise empathetic, compassionate kids that bless others with their time and their lives.  I want to raise little lights.  This small act of kindness was affirmation for me that Brynn is right where she should be, practicing her shine.  I should add, this is in NO WAY a knock on homeschooling.  I have so much respect for it and the families that choose that route.  I believe homeschool kids spread light in their community.  This world needs light everywhere!  I truly believe we were put here to find our place to shine.  I believe Brynn is finding her spot.  And this momma’s heart is full.

If I could add one more thing.  Shout out to the new Amazon Tap!!  Ours just arrived yesterday.  After I got Brynn situated with her after school snack and shows, I asked Alexa to play some Christian Holiday Music.  Would y’all believe me if I told you Kari Jobe’s “We are the Light of the World” came bursting through our living room?

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
~Jesus (Matt 5: 14-16)

4 thoughts to “This Little Light of Mine

  • Tobi
    I love everything about this! Good job, Brynn! And good job, Mama!
  • Deborah Raney
    Ditto to what Tobi said! Happy tears in my eyes!
  • Loretta Mayes
    I just made a lengthy comment & I can't find it! I will ask God to help me remember & rewrite it. With my memory, I will need all the help he can give me! Love ❤️ you!
  • Jenica Raney
    Bahahaha, good luck!

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