If you’re a long time fan of The Meal Deal, you’ve probably come to recognize a theme of meals heavily laden with meat, dairy and  pasta. If you’ve frequented The Meal Deal more recently, you may have noticed an added vegan vibe. What gives? Are they really having alfredo and veggie stir fry for supper?! Has she lost her ever-loving mind? Well…yes…and no. Insert all the laughy cry emojis here.

I owe y’all an explanation. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (more commonly know as PCOS). While this presents a whole host of problems for me, including infertility and low milk supply, the one that pertains to the topic at hand is hormone imbalance. I suffere̶d̶ from migraines. Not headaches. I’m talking knock-you-on-your-butt, 100% debilitating, tunnel vision, nauseous migraines. I started tracking them and learned they occurred monthly with great predictability. I strongly suspected they were hormonal, resulting both from my PCOS and the changes my body underwent in weaning (mostly) my toddler.  Something had to give. It was totally impractical to be incapacitated once a month with 3 littles in my care.

Around this same time, I watched a documentary entitled What the Health. It had a strong bent towards veganism, but the message was clear. Have a health issue? It very well may be the food. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot. See if you don’t see a result. Much to my disdain, I jumped all in, trading cheese for hummus and burgers for beans. I made this stark change 3 months ago, following one of my worst migraines to date. 3 months in, I can say with certainty I lost bloat and inflammation, gained energy, and, most notably, have not had a single migraine!

I certainly am not promoting a stark dietary change as a cure all, nor do I have the medical background to make a case for what’s transpired with my hormones. I simply put this out there to provide an explanation to the additional vegan entrees that started popping up on The Meal Deal.

So the big question…is your family adopting vegan cuisine as well? Heck to the NO!  My hubs considered it for all of an evening and barely slept that night. He will always covet meat and cheese, as will our children (at this point). And I’m good with that!

The bigger question…how in the world are you preparing meals to feed all y’all?! Like many things I do, the answer is a lot of planning, a bit of determination, some tears, always laughter, and the occasional take-out meal. I shoot to plan 3 vegan meals per week. I spread these out to last me the entirety of the week. On the nights I cook 2 completely separate meals, I rely heavily on one of these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pressure cookers to house my meal while preparing the family’s.

For now, it’s the best recipe for a healthy momma and a happy, fed household. If you have a better suggestion for meeting the nutritional demands of a household that eats very differently, I’d love to hear how you rock your kitchen!

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