Saturday 9/7: Navajo Tacos

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Brynn didn’t try it, but she’s sick and would not eat anything.  Trey LOVED this and even committed to eating the leftovers!
  • Changes/Alterations: None!

Sunday 9/8: reFUEL your Marriage event at church, leftovers or fast food afterwards

Monday 9/9: Jen hosting BUNCO!  Trey/Brynn: Ham & Cheese Sliders

Tuesday 9/10: Cheeseburger Soup

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Again, Brynn didn’t try it, but Trey & I both really thought this was delicious!
  • Changes/Alterations: Prior to cooking, I steamed the carrots and then pureed them in the Ninja.  I then sautéed the onions in the butter partially before adding the carrots/spices to the mix.  Trey said this was acceptable and didn’t even taste the carrots, so will definitely repeat next time.  I also subbed half Cheez Whiz and half Velveeta to use up a half jar of leftover Cheez Whiz in the fridge.  The two cheeses taste similar enough that it was a great way to use up leftover Cheez Whiz, but I suspect would also be just as tasty had I just used Velveeta.

Wednesday 9/11: Grilled Monterey Chicky & Baked Taters

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Brynn liked the first 2 bites and then refused to eat (whatev’s).  Trey & I LOVED!
  • Changes/Alterations: None, unless you count adding a second strip of bacon to the wrapped chicky.

Thursday 9/12: Leftovers

Friday 9/13: Firecracker Chicky & White Rice

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Too spicy Brynn, but Trey & I thought this was fabulous!
  • Changes/Alterations: None

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