Saturday 9/14: Wendy’s

Sunday 9/15: 
Queso Burgers & Chips

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Another meal that was too spicy for Brynn, but Trey enjoyed it!
  • Changes/Alterations: Quick & easy.  Make sure to serve with chips because this makes way too much queso for simply the burgers.

  • Monday 9/16: Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops & Mashed Taters

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: BOTH my picker eaters ate this, which I believe makes the first meal in a week and a half that Brynn has tried!!  While I know this does not guarantee success the next go around, I will definitely be repeating this one.
  • Changes/Alterations: Quick & easy.  The rub barely covered 3 small chops, so definitely apply in moderation next time.

  • Tuesday 9/17: 
    Grilled Hawaiian Chicky & Corn on the Cob

  • Add to Meal Rotation: N
  • Picky Eater Notes: Brynn ate several bites (which is progress) and Trey had no complaints.  
  • Changes/Alterations: We didn’t find the “WoW factor” in this one.  We have better grilled chicky recipes than this and didn’t feel it worthy of a repeat.

  • Wednesday 9/18:
    Breakfast for Daddy & B (MOPS Dinner for Mommy)

    Thursday 9/19: Tobi’s Stromboli

    Friday 9/20: 
    Creamy Tater Soup and good bread

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