Saturday 8/31: Papa’s in the Hizzy

Sunday 9/1:  Taco Pasta

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: reserve some pasta to serve with spaghetti sauce for Brynn (too spicy)
  • Changes/Alterations: I substituted Ro-Tel w/ green chilies in place of the diced maters and pureed it in the Ninja for Trey.  The combination of this and the taco seasoning made it much too spicy for a toddler, but the adults loved it.

Monday 9/2: Sesame Orange Chicky & Fried Rice

  • Add to Meal Rotation: N
  • Picky Eater Notes: Trey tolerated this because he knew how much I appreciated being able to eat an asian meal in our home after nearly 5yrs of marriage.  He definitely didn’t love it though and it was too spicy for Brynn.  I loved it!
  • Changes/Alterations: Reduce cook time in slow cooker to 4hrs.  I halved the recipe because my fellow house dwellers loathe leftovers.  I should have reduced the cook time as well.
  • Update 9/13:  The Firecracker Chicky recipe put this to shame and we both loved it, so removing this from the meal rotation.

Tuesday 9/3: Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Knocked this out of the park.  Brynn wouldn’t try it (no surprise), but Daddy loved it and I suspect B would have liked it if she’d tried.
  • Changes/Alterations: I read a reviewers comment too late to make the addition, but will definitely add ground italian sausage to the broth next time.  This was a great stand alone recipe, but I imagine would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g. with that addition!

Wednesday 9/4: Parmesan Chicky Bake

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: This was very tasty and gets 5 stars for easy prep.  Both my pickies ate it!!
  • Changes/Alterations: Even just 2 thin chicky breasts baked for nearly 45min.  Next time, will bake for 20min with chicky, sauce, first layer of cheese.  Then, add croutons and second layer of cheese for the last 25min of baking.  Some tons were mildly soggy and this should correct that.

Thursday 9/5: Chipotle Chicky Kabobs w/ Avocado Cream Sauce & Sweet Corn

  • Add to Meal Rotation: Y
  • Picky Eater Notes: Too spicy for Brynn, but I got a real smile out of Trey and he loved it!!!
  • Changes/Alterations: In my haste to get dinner going, I forgot to make the cream sauce for myself…will do that for leftovers and report back.  Also, I marinated the meat for 5hrs.

Friday 9/6: Date Night!

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