Wed 3/1: Deep Dish Pizza (bring one to Smith’s)

Thurs 3/2: Spaghetti (Small Group)

Friday 3/3:  Eat Out

Sat 3/4: Port Orchard w/ Raney Seniors

Sun 3/5: Port Orchard w/ Raney Seniors

Mon 3/6: Sloppy Joes (Swim Lessons/Raney Seniors in town)

Tues 3/7: Lasagna Soup

Wed 3/8: Grilled Chicky Salads

Thurs 3/9: Garlic Chicky Bowtie Pasta

Fri 3/10: Breakfast!

Sat 3/11: Chicky Parmesan & Pasta

Sun 3/12: Giombatta

Mon 3/13: Papa’s in the House! (countertop install)

Tues 3/14: Brynn’s Pizza Bagels (clean plate club)

Wed 3/15: Chicky Caesar Salads

Thurs 3/16: Tacos (Small Group)

Fri 3/17:Burgers & Fries

Sat 3/18: Chicky Taquitos

Sun 3/19: Pasta Miasta

Mon 3/20: Beef Stew

Tues 3/21: Firecracker Chicky & White Rice

Wed 3/22: Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

Thurs 3/23: Costco Pizza & Asian Cashew Salad

Fri 3/24: Grilled Honey BBQ Bacon Chicky Kabobs

Sat 3/25: Parmesan Crusted Chicky in Cream Sauce

Sun 3/26: Stromboli

Mon 3/27: NEW! Slow Cooker Chicky Fajitas

Tues 3/28: Grilled Chicky Salads

Wed 3/29: Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup

Thurs 3/30: Million Dollar Spaghetti

Fri 3/31: Pizza

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