Brynn & Daddy after their sharing showdown.

There is a parenting moment, for me it was around 17 months, in which your child plays contently with a toy at a play date.  Meanwhile another kid, or bully rather, storms directly into your child’s path and bogarts the toy right out of her precious hands.  You suck in a breath and wait for retaliation that doesn’t come.  Instead, your child simply relinquishes all rights to that toy and moves on to the next.   Now, the experienced mother sympathizes with the bully’s mother and knows her day is soon to come.  I am not an experienced mother.  I am a first time mom.  So, I think to myself…gosh, I’ve packed so much kindness and goodness into my child, that she has an innate sense of sharing and an amazing moral compass.  What a good job I’ve done!  [insert pat on the back here]  Enter my pride before the fall.
Fast forward a few months; same precious child, same prideful mother.  We’re enjoying some time at a big park, frequenting all of the slides.  Another little girl prepares to sit down on the slide that precious child just finished using.  Precious child is perched at the top of a new slide with a bird’s eye view of this little girl.  Precious child stands at attention and points with all of her might at the little girl, “That’s MINE!!!”  Prideful mother’s heart deflates and so begins our battles with sharing.
Once again, fast forward 2 more weeks.  Mom’s eating lunch in the kitchen and overhears the following conversation unfold from the bedroom:

Brynn: “That’s mine.”
Daddy: “No, that’s mine.  Actually, everything in this house is mine!”
Brynn: “That’s mine.”
Daddy: “No, and that’s my carpet.  Get off my carpet!”
     [hear shuffling feet]
Daddy: “That’s my tile.  Get off my tile!”
     [shuffling feet once more, followed by a door bang]
Daddy: “And that’s my door.  Don’t touch my door!”

As you can see, we’re taking the real mature route in combatting the sharing battle.

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