This post started as an email to my lovely mother-in-law and turned into one of those ridiculous life moments I’d rather document.  So here it is in internet glory as my little reminder that I can make my plans, but once again, I am not in control…

Forgive my language, but thought you’d find this evening’s events humorous.  So I bought the big roast we discussed last week for our supper tonight and leftover Copacabana Tacos.  (These are a Raney family tradition made with a good juicy pot roast.  Sadly, this post has nothing to do with a “good juicy post roast.”)  

When I was choosing my meat, I had my hands on my usual crock pot roast when the butcher came over to ask if I needed assistance.  I told him I was planning to make a roast in the crock pot and asked if this was the best choice of meat.  He showed me their premier Angus beef and said for only $1/lb more, it was the best meat I could buy.  So, I put down my crock pot roast selection and splurged on a $20 5lb angus roast (this was the beginning of the end).

We take it out of the crock pot this evening and it is hard as a rock!  Start cutting into it and it is literally slicing like ham, rather than stringing and breaking apart like a roast.  Then Trey cuts into the middle to find all sorts of gizzard-looking, stringy vein things.  At this point, Trey is loudly gobbling his best turkey impression, claiming that they fed the cow turkey growth hormones by mistake.  Meanwhile, Brynn is screaming in her dinner chair because she’s starving and Mommy had promised dinner.  I ditch the gravy I was doctoring because I have learned from past experience that Turkey Boy is not going to eat any meat that produces animal sounds from him (don’t even get me started on BBQ Chicken Leg night)!  Anywho, I start slathering butter onto bread for a grilled cheese like a mad woman, while punching in the number for our grocery store.  They reassure me they will refund the purchase if I bring in the packaging sticker.  I hang up pleased only to realize that “wait, we still don’t have dinner!”  Back to the grilled cheeses!

After we finished our makeshift meal of grilled cheeses and chips, Trey disposed of our turkey roast carcass and we polish off the remainder of the Golden Oreos I just bought on Friday!!!  At this point, mama has cooled her jets and starts to see the humor in the situation.  We end the meal with a good laugh and a lot more gobbling.

So, anyone have any replacement dinner suggestions for Copacabana Taco Tuesday night??  It appears we’re all out of roast!

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