This is the space I’ve devoted to sharing the joys & sorrows, triumphs & trials, cheese & more cheesers of our Raney days. Perhaps it’s the portion of the blog I should have entitled “Hi MOM!” In all seriousness, I pray y’all see love and humor laced throughout these Share pages. While the Plan & Save sections of my blog are devoted to aligning our time and treasure to best serve Him and us, this section is the harvest. It’s the Raney day!! I pray y’all see love for my husband, love for my 3 kiddos, love for the African child we don’t yet know by name, but most importantly, love for a God that has always, always been faithful.

Some topics near and dear to the Raney family:

Adoption | Our family is in the beginning stages of adopting a child from Burundi, Africa. I cannot wait to see this story unfold in the posts to come. We have been prayerfully planning and saving for this child for years and it brings me so much joy to finally, finally be in the process of adopting. Woot, woot!!

Homeschooling | Ever make a “when I have kids, I’m never going to ____________” statement? Yeah, me too. I think God relishes in calling us to the places we declared we’d never go. Homeschooling is going to be the brand new adventure I never saw coming. Our oldest, Brynn, begins first grade this fall and though her kindergarten public school experience was excellent, I am stepping out in faith to answer a clear call to homeschool her next year. Sweating bullets; excited; come join us for the ride!

Parenting | Did I mention we love to laugh in this family? As in, A LOT!! We laugh A LOT in this house and truly my favorite stories to write (and my mom’s favorite stories to read) are the funny ones. You’ll find that here. They typically involve a certain little boy who can’t quite keep himself in check, but we love him all the more for it.

My promise and goal is to be both transparent and vulnerable. Perfection is overrated, exhausting, and, frankly, unattainable. I’ll shoot for genuine and I hope you’ll embrace my journey. Let’s laugh together, cry together and do everything in between because life really, truly is better when shared with others.