The Happy Duo on Zoo Day

Last Wednesday night, I had a MOPS dinner commitment and Daddy was to feed Brynn and take her to small group at Church.  Trey came home to announce that he planned to take her to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  I immediately saw this as a sneaky attempt to bypass Leftover Night, rather than to spend quality time with his daughter and responded, “You can’t take her to CFA; I already took her there for lunch.  She can’t eat it twice in one day!”

Thursday, Trey decided we should take a family trip to the zoo on Saturday since the sweltering Texas heat temporarily broke (Hallelujah!!!!).  I reminded him that I had a baby shower to attend Saturday, so we’d have to do it another weekend.

Friday, Trey came home from work and declared that he and Brynn would go for donuts and then head to the zoo as a duo Saturday morning.  My first thought was, “What?  You would go to the zoo without ME?”  Shamefully, I’ll admit that my immediate second thought was, “Can I still get in on the donuts?  And how quickly can I get that shower out of the way to get home and craft?!”  

Saturday arrived, and, as promised, Daddy woke early, dressed Brynn, grabbed the overpacked-Mommy-approved-diaper-bag, pretended to listen to way too many nervous-mommy-instructions, and then headed out the door for the big Daddy Daughter Date!  While I’ve never thought twice about leaving Brynn in Trey’s care or letting him step up to bath night a couple times a week, outings have always been my thing.

Since I stay home with Brynn, it just so works out that I am the one to take her here or there.  Honestly, it never occurred to me that in the midst of many of our outings, the two of us have had many opportunities to bond and I have had many solo opportunities to watch her thrive and grow in new environments.  Why then shouldn’t Daddy share in some of that one-on-one precious time?

They came home from the zoo elated.  Had I taken her, she surely would have fallen asleep 5 minutes into the ride home and been a bear seconds after walking into the house.  Such is the case with most of our long day outings.  With Daddy, however, she never slept and waltzed in the door happy as a clam.  While that could just be weird happenstance, I find it more likely that our kiddo simply did not want to miss a second with her Daddy and loved every minute of it.  She went on and on about the animals at the zoo, but also talked about Daddy for days to come.

I always assumed Brynn and Daddy would have a special bond and that he would take her out on special Daddy Dates when she was older.  However, I learned from this experience how much both cherished this time and how important it is for her to have these experiences early and often.  Mommy’s heart is full and so thankful that God has blessed us both with a Daddy like Trey.

3 thoughts to “Raising Girls, Part 3: Let her Date her Daddy

  • Tavia Smith

    …cue tears. Love this post and love my big brother!!!

  • Deborah Raney

    Tears here, too. Awesome daddy, but awesome that you recognized the value of Daddy/Daughter time. (Trey had a good teacher, too.)

  • Tobi

    Tav took the words right out of my mouth (or fingers, rather)! And Trey did have a good teacher. I remember my favorite birthday date was the one I dreaded most, because rumor had it I was gonna get "the talk." The talk was mild – mostly about modesty, but the follow-up activity was awesome. We people watched and pointed out all the hoochie mamas at the mall. I can totally see Trey doing this with Brynn! Slightly judgemental, but point taken.


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