Mommy assisted in no way in this get-up.  Girlfriend came up with it all on her own.  And, yes, those are my panties she’s wearing.  Love her!

I read the neatest article that I no doubt discovered on Pinterest a few weeks ago.  It talked about promoting a healthy self image for your little girl.  I really took it to heart and have been trying to put some of my learnings into practice.  The writer asserted that our own self image as mothers will become our daughter’s self image as they blossom.  When they see us starring at our reflection and verbally beating ourselves up for looking frumpy/fat/wrinkled/ugly/unattractive/insert your negative thoughts here, little girls learn that if Mommy can’t measure up, they never will either.  Those negative thoughts not only hinder our own self worth, but send our precious tinies the wrong message.

By stark contrast, when our young daughters see us look at ourselves in the mirror, they see their hero, their Mommy, the most beautiful woman in the world.  It’s so important as a Mommy to make a conscious decision to encourage this healthy image, rather than teaching our tinies that what they think is lovely is actually unworthy.  If I’m honest, I certainly don’t always see Cinderella starring back at me in the mirror…especially in my current is-that-a-baby-in-your-belly-or-a-whole-lot-of-donuts state.  BUT, I have made a valiant effort to verbally complement myself in the mirror when Brynn watches me get ready.  I say things like, “Doesn’t Mommy look pretty?” or “Isn’t Mommy’s outfit cute?”   And do you know what I’ve discovered after 2 weeks of practicing this?  Mommy feels a whole lot prettier!!  More importantly, I catch Brynn telling herself “I’m cute” or “I look so pretty” when she checks herself out in the mirror after getting dressed. 

If I could add only one more thing.  I do believe this can be taken too far.  I hope to never send Brynn the message that her world revolves around her physical attractiveness.  She spends just as much time repeating “I’m so proud of you” or “I’m smart” because I’ve sown those messages into her as well.  My goal in doing this is not to raise a princess who places her own beauty above all else…Lord knows, Daddy would never stand for that!  I believe we live in a world that teaches young girls, “you’re flawed” but if you buy this product, dress this way, eat this, don’t eat that, exercise this way, etc, you’ll be more worthy.  These are well told lies spun to turn a profit.  My goal is simply to teach Brynn that she is a child of God, created in His perfect image, and beautiful just as she is.  And seriously, isn’t she so cute?!

2 thoughts to “Raising Girls, Part 1: I’m Cute

  • Tobi

    Yes, she is! Great advice, too!

  • Deborah Raney

    This line: "I certainly don't always see Cinderella starring back at me in the mirror…especially in my current is-that-a-baby-in-your-belly-or-a-whole-lot-of-donuts state." has me ROFLOL at 5:30 a.m.!

    And I agree. She's adorable (like her mommy). And it is good advice and well balanced. I might have to try it on my own frumpy/fat/wrinkled/ugly/unattractive reflection! 😉


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