Today started like any other day.  I woke up late, raced Brynn to the bus stop, and went about my daily business.  Hubs and I spent the prior night hashing out the timing once more of the adoption we’ve been saving and planning and praying on for years.  Trey once again gave me the green light to sign on the dotted line, but I was waiting.  Waiting on the God who’s spoken to me countless times about this adoption.  The one who deeply seeded a desire to adopt not only an orphan, but more specifically an African orphan many years ago.  I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  I needed Him to move once more.  Speak to me; give me that sign.  And then it happened.

8:22am; My phone buzzed, a text from Trey, “FYI…just got an unexpected call from my boss…$3,000 Exemplary Bonus!”

This man works so hard and is thriving.  I stifle a bit of pride.  Good for him, he’s earned that!  I suppose it’s time for him to finally get that Apple watch.

Then I begin to think about the rest of it.  We should tithe 10% of it.  How exciting!  How should we do that?  10% is $300.  What could we do with $300?  Thinking, thinking, and then that familiar feeling sets in once more.  He speaks, faithfully and profoundly.  $300 is the exact amount of the application fee for the adoption agency we’ve chosen to use!

It is time.  I text Trey for approval to which he responds, “I like it.  Hit the button.”

So alas, many many years after this first came into our heads and onto our hearts, I am thrilled and ecstatic and a little scared if I’m honest to finally share with you that we have taken the first step in adopting a child from Burundi, Africa.  We submitted our application and paid that precious $300 fee.  He is faithful.

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  • Deborah Raney
    So excited for you guys! We've been praying for this new little Raney for a long time!

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