It was recently brought to my attention that the last time I blogged “Baby Raney” was the size of a lime.  Days turned into months and the months into almost a year.  That lime is now the size of, well, a 6mo old, 14.5 pound baby GIRL!  That’s right!  Baby Raney, or Brynn as we more fondly call her, has quickly become the source of so many smiles, laughter, and pure joy in our household.
Brynn came charging into this world in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, July 22nd, 2011.  She hijacked mama’s sleep at 1am, thrusting her out of bed, caused daddy to speed through a thunder & lightening storm all the way to Des Moines, and promptly made her appearance at 4:44am!!  Not bad for a first baby, but these parents will certainly not be making a 1.5hr drive for Baby Raney #2.  
Brynn’s Recent Milestones & Interests:
  • Brynn started rolling from back to tummy about 3 weeks ago
  • She also started food about 3 weeks ago.  Brynn started with rice cereal before bed, quickly added oatmeal to her breakfast routine, and is now munching on peas & avocados for lunch.  For the time being, Mommy is enjoying some time to herself in the kitchen, preparing all of Brynn’s baby food and freezing it in 1oz ice cube trays.
  • Brynn loves all things musical!  She has more singing toys than a child could possibly need.  Her prized possession is her singing teapot, complete with British accent!
  • Brynn also loves Monkey Rides (riding around on our shoulders and peeking at herself way up high in the mirror) and playing airplane.

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