Today was a glorious Sunday!  Rather than boring you with all of the intense details of our New Years celebration (let’s face it, we drank half a bottle of sparkling grape juice and went to bed at 10), I’ve decided to blog about our first Sunday of the New Year!

We awoke to find our 11 week pregnancy update email.  We (read Jen) lives for these weekly Sunday emails.  Yeah for the first time we can openly blog about Baby Raney!  Today we learned that our little munchkin is the size of a lime with a 1:1 head to body ratio.  Trey, of course, thinks this means the head is housing a very large man brain.  We will see…but not too soon, as we are waiting to find out the sex until Baby Raney arrives!  Based on our google search for lime pictures, we believe this means that our baby is about the size of Bella’s head.  No, that is not really our cat, but it made you look twice.  Right?!
Some good friends of ours (Dan & Stacie Ricklefs) visited us this afternoon on their way back to Des Moines from their Christmas travels.  They brought their 14 month old son, Will, and we were all too excited to have a little one in our house.  It was also awesome to reconnect with them, as we had not seen them in several months.  We are looking forward to a get together at their house where we plan to introduce our doggies for the first time.
After we saw our friends off, it was time for our traditional Sunday night pizza.  We went for the usual (half beef-Trey, half cheese-Jen Godfather’s thin crust cut into squares).  YUMMY!
We spent a great deal of the evening baking a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Trey’s work (Pella Corp) has a tradition of bringing in chocolate chip cookies anytime an employee plans to announce that they are expecting.  SO, we got busy baking for Trey’s big announcement tomorrow.  Jen can’t wait to get up early and take Trey’s picture for the baby book as he’s on his way out the door with an armful of cookies.  🙂  In the midst of baking, Jen realized she was 1 egg short and sent Trey to our good friend’s house (the Gyolai’s ) to borrow one.  He came home with 2 bags full of children’s books that their loving kiddos (Kinsey & Kayden) so graciously gifted to Baby Raney.  Jen spent the remainder of cookie baking time reading all of these stories.  Peekaboo Kisses is currently the top favorite, followed by a close second of a sing-a-long book about a speckled frog.  Trey was less than impressed with Jen’s speckled frog singing performance, so hopefully that improves before Baby Raney’s arrival.  🙂 
See, wasn’t that a great day?!  Now it’s time to brush the teeth and start getting ready for bed.  Night, night!

UPDATED PHOTO JEN TOOK IN THE MORNING (what a good sport he was for cooperating)…  🙂

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