It’s Tuesday evening.  Supper, or rather Breakfast, has come and gone.  Strawberry pancakes & cheesy eggs, spectaular!  The kitchen is clean, the table’s been wiped, and here I sit debating on a cup of Joe.  Upstairs I hear the best noise a tired Mommy can hear.  “Bubba’s in the fort, Brynn!  Everyone who’s cool is in the fort.  Get in the fort!”  I’m reminded of 3 things.

1. I love the fort-building man who uttered those words so very much.

2. I love the little ears that heard those words and undoubtedly face planted on the ground while trying to shimmy her way into the fort at top speed.

3. I L.O.V.E. Tuesday nights, when I can sit back, relax, and do whatever my little heart pleases.  Bubble bath with one of my fav shows in the background?  Yes, please!  Dink around with my Silhouette until I produce some awesome paper creation that only I will truly ever appreciate under this roof?  Heck yeah!  Wander around on my Pinterest Sewing Board until I settle on a project to try?  Why not?!  But I digress…

Now back to that coffee.  Herein lies my predicament…do I intake the blissful caffeine or persevere without?  I’m in the dreaded 2ww.  To all my non-infertility homies, this is the two week wait that follows a month’s worth of injections, sonograms, blood work, and lots and lots of prayers.  This Sunday we learn if the efforts and prayers we’ve put forth to conceive our next child were in vein or, dare I say, a success!  If you see me walking around with a smug smile on my face for the next few weeks, you’ve been warned.  And if not, well…let’s not go there now.  The Keurig is calling my name.

Over and out!

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