TREY: The experiment has been conducted…effects confirmed!!!

The Story:  Last week, it was brought to Trey’s attention that there are sugarless gummy bears being sold on Amazon that, according to 120+ reviewers, give you…how do I put this politely?…gas (or as one reviewer put it, a “Gastrointestinal Armageddon”)!  30 seconds later, Trey hops online and orders a $15 FIVE POUND BAG of these magical bears.  Yes, we’re still working on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course.  No, these were not in the budget, but I digress…  The bears arrive promptly 2 days later over the lunch hour.  Trey devours 2-3 servings before darting back to work for a meeting.  Smart!  The above mentioned statement was what he screamed to Jen as he made a beeline for the bathroom upon his return from work!  To get the full effect of this one, I strongly encourage you to read the reviews of these bears here.

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