I have found that you can learn a lot about your parenting style from the mouth of your own child.  Somehow, it’s strange and yet a bit endearing to hear your own words flow through the mouth of your child.  I’m sure I’ll add to this list over time, but for now here’s a good start:

The scene: Daddy has just given Brynn a bowl of Thin Mint Ice Cream.
Brynn:  “Thank you for the ice cream, Daddy.  I’m so proud of you.”

The scene: Brynn is chasing Riley from one room to the next.  She thinks they are playing catch because Riley is clinging to the bone in her mouth.  Riley is actually desperately seeking a quiet place to hide and chew her bone.
Brynn:  “Oh my GOSH! [gosh emphasized in a familiar high squeaky tone that mommy uses].  She’s running!!  Oh my GOSH!”

The scene: Brynn and I are eating bagels & peanut butter (because “I can’t like cream cheese”…though she ate it yesterday!).  The PB has made mommy rather thirty and coffee is not cutting it.
Mommy: “Brynn, may I please have a drink of your milk?”  (no, I am not too proud to admit I drink from my child’s sippy cup on occasion)
Brynn: “No, Mommy drink your coffee.  I’m sorry, Mommy.  This is Brynn’s milk.”
[sadly, this conversation sounds eerily familiar to a conversation we had with her last week about drinking Daddy’s coca-cola] 

The scene: Brynn and I are reading a book with some less common animals to expand her vocab.
Mommy (reading): “Who is waking up under the leaf?”
Brynn lifts the leaf.
Mommy (reading): “Good morning, Chameleon.”
Brynn: “That’s a frog, Mommy.  I’m sorry.”

The scene: Brynn takes a rather awkward tumble, tripping on absolutely nothing.
Brynn: “I’m okay.  I do somersault.”

The scene: Brynn is digging things out of her diaper bag, chattering, and locates the car keys.
Brynn: “See you later Alligator.  I going to Bahama Buck’s!”

The scene: Brynn sits down with a baby doll in one of the chairs at her coloring table.
Brynn: “You’re kinda fussy baby.  Come here.  I’ll hold you.”

9/17/13: Brynn loathes almost all variations of meat.  Lunch meat is no exception.  Mommy has packed lunch meat in her Mother’s Day Out school lunch for the last 3 weeks in hopes that the other kiddos will be a good influence for her to try it.  The note I included with today’s ham read, “Maybe today’s the lucky day she tries her ham.”  The return note I received back from her teacher in the lunch sack read, “Brynn said, ‘I don’t like ham.  Yucky ham.’  HAHAHA!”

2/17/14: Today’s subtle reminder that I’m raising Trey‘s child…I’m nursing Jax on the couch and I hear Brynn in the background shuffling to the bathroom and mumbling something.Me: Brynn, do you need to go poop?Brynn (screaming from the toilet): I’m droppin’ a Hot Toddy, Mommy!!!

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  • Tobi

    I would love to be a fly on your wall. The things that girl says…!


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