4 years ago, the nesting that started as my deep rooted desire to have a child morphed into a little business I’m proud to call Raney Day Designs.  Having recently married my awesome hubs and moved into his bachelor pad, I had a strong urge to give the home a much needed feminine touch by adding window coverings.  I was too thrifty to splurge on store bought ones, so I bought an old sewing machine on Craigslist for $15 and pulled up my big girl learning panties.  Not having ever sewn or a clue how to begin, I reached out to the mother of a good friend who sews professionally.  Our first lesson involved sewing a basic rectangular burp cloth.  Two pieces of fabric right sides together, sew all the way around the perimeter with a 1/4″ seam allowance leaving a small opening to flip the newly bound fabric right side out, and then top stitching the outer edge.  I went home and practiced that little burp cloth over and over again until my heart started to ache slightly for a little one to love my fancies.

I cannot say that I ever got around to dressing all the windows in that home, but I sure took to sewing more and more infant items.  As some of you know, we struggled to conceive, leaving me a solid 2 years to sew enough baby fancies to justify opening my own custom sewn baby business.  And so began Raney Day Designs.   I’ve not ever put this story into writing, but seeing it in print now tugs at my sentimental heartstrings just a tad.  I wouldn’t have thought it at the time, but God really did know what He was doing with His perfect timing.  Not only did I get the child I wanted so badly, but I also developed a new skill that led to a business I adore.

What the heck does all this have to do with the awesome nap mat in the pictures above you ask??  Sorry, its nap time and I’m feeling emotional because that “baby” grew into a big girl who now sleeps in a big bed and is going off to 1-day a week school in less than 2 weeks!  The kiddos are required to bring a nap mat and you know darn well I had to make my baby her own fancy!  I hopped on pinterest and found this awesome DIY tutorial.  While I cannot say I’ll be adding nap mats to my product line anytime soon, it felt so stinkin’ good to construct something for Brynn that will hopefully bring her some comfort on Tuesday afternoons when she’s napping amongst her peers and missing me.  She IS going to miss me, right?!!

3 thoughts to “DIY Nap Mat

  • Tobi

    Oh. My. Preciousness! The only thing to make it cuter would be the Brynnster herself sleeping on it! I can't believe she's going to school! And you might have to add the nap mat to your product line after all the preschool moms see that masterpiece!

  • Deborah Raney

    That's exactly what I was thinking! Prepare to get oohs and aahs and requests for your catalog! Love it. And that girl. She won't miss you too much––as long as they pay attention when she's "still talkin'"!! 😉

  • Lolly

    I enjoyed visiting with you today. You did a beautiful job on that nap mat. I'm so glad that you and Katy have become good friends. I'll look forward to the 3 of us doing a little Harry Hines shopping sometime.


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