This would be Brynn sporting a mixing bowl on her head and gnawing on a spatula in the living room.  I may not have the cleanest kitchen on the block, but my baby loves it just the same!

Seriously, I am so stinkin’ in love with this little girl!  In some respects, I feel like she’s been a part of our family forever and in other areas, I absolutely cannot believe 8 months has passed!

Brynn changes a little bit every day.  Last week she hit the 17lb mark and Momma Bear had had enough carrying that heavy munchkin around in her car seat.  2 instruction manuals, 3 youtube videos, and at least an hour later, Brynn’s new “Big Girl” car seat was properly installed in the backseat of our Highlander.  We rode to church with her new seat and she glowed the whole way just tickled at the prospect of being able to see beyond the wind barrier that blocked her viewing angle in her old seat.
Today I took Brynn to Walmart for a grocery run in her new seat and she had the privilege of enjoying the experience from the kid seat in the front of the cart.  Naturally, Mom seat belted her into that sucker so well her baby gut chunks had to be screaming for air, but it was a small price to pay for being able to ride shotgun in the cart.  She loved it and so did Mom!
Let’s see, what else?  In the last week, Brynn has braved a whole new world of solid foods.  Mommy and Brynn share “Brynnana time” every morning, each of us getting our fare share of a banana.  Yes, she’s eating the chunks now!!  She also gobbles down broken up pieces of raspberries and kiwis.  If anyone has any tidbits for removing raspberry stains from baby clothing, I’m all ears!!
That’s all for now.  If I keep blogging at this rate, expect another update at least by the time Miss Thang turns 3.  Until then…

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