This evening I am more than occupied bathing Brynn in the bathroom.  Trey’s task is to clean up the kitchen while I put Brynn down for the night.  The following ensues:
TREY [screams]: Dang it!!!
JEN [shouts from her post at Brynn’s splash station]: What happened?
TREY: I dropped one of Brynn’s spoons down into the disposal. [side note: the disposal is not on…he simply dropped the spoon down into the opening of the sink where the disposal is]
JEN: Well just stick your hand down there and get it.
TREY [screams]: NO way!!!
JEN [rolls eyes]: What is with guys and this imaginary fear of the garbage disposal??  Trey, I cannot leave Brynn in the bath and come get it for you.  Just stick your hand into the sink and grab it.
TREY [pause]: My hand won’t fit.  My hands are like huge bear claws.
JEN [rolls eyes again]: I know your hands fit in there.  Now reach down in there and grab that spoon. Seriously, Trey, the disposal does not just spontaneously turn itself on.  Just don’t flip the switch when you put your hand down there and you’ll be fine.
TREY: You better hope so.  Otherwise, you’ll be walking around with Captain Hook!

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