The Raney’s have been keeping busy these last few weeks as time flies by!  Jen has officially reached 17 weeks and feels great!!  Her belly continues to grow and is finally starting to look more like a baby bump and less like a day-after-Thanksgiving bump.  Trey’s big surprise birthday present for Jen arrived a couple of weeks ago.  The beautiful sage glider/ottoman will be the highlight of the nursery when baby arrives.  Daddy may have lost his cool a couple of times during assembly, but it was well worth the struggle!  Jen got straight to work sewing a soft brown & green receiving blanket to add some flare to the chair.
The nursery is currently doubling as Jen’s sewing room, as the basement is now a full-on construction zone.  Trey has been taking his July deadline very seriously and has put so much hard work into finishing the basement.  As Jen anxiously plans the nursery, Trey spends a good chunk of his time dreaming about his new “man cave.”  🙂  This past weekend, we both spent the bulk of Saturday insulating the walls and wiring the outlets.  Surprisingly, Jen preferred wiring to working with the itchy insulation and connected most of the outlets herself.  You may not want to ever plug something into our basement walls if you come for a visit.  😉
Other than that, we’ve been busy living life.  Work is good, Riley is great, Bella is…Bella, and we are happy, happy, happy!  All for now.


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