Reenactment of actual events 

Trey called me in a fury one night after work.  He was extremely upset and said, “You’ll never believe what I had to do with this stupid car tonight!!”

Back story: We’ve been having trouble with the driver’s side door of the Honda.  The door is sealed shut and poor Trey has been climbing in/out of the passenger seat everyday.  We finally took it to a mechanic, who said he’d need to order a part that would take up to a week to receive.  Apparently, in the mechanic’s quest to troubleshoot the door, he disengaged the auto locks on the entire vehicle.
Now back to angry Trey’s story…He said when he walked out to the car, he kept clicking the keyless entry remote, but the doors would NOT unlock.  He decided in haste that the only way to remedy the situation was to CLIMB IN THROUGH THE TRUNK!!!  All I could picture was his feet dangling out from the trunk on display for the entire Pella parking lot!
Jen: “Did the key not work?”
Trey: complete silence
Jen: “Trey, you did try using the actual key before just climbing into the trunk, right?!”
Trey: more silence followed by, “Well I didn’t think of that.”
Jen: intense laughter followed by a dial tone

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