We are in the early stages of teaching Jaxon to pray.  We break up the prayer into short, repeat-after-me snippets.

Us: Dear Jesus
Jax: Dear Jesus
Us: Thank you for my family
Jax: Fank you for my fam-a-we

I could listen to that precious chubby cheek 3yr old voice all day long.  Anyway, tonight’s was worth documenting.  We usually wrap up their prayers by praying for their future family.

My repeat-after-me snippet: “Please give me a sweet wife.”
Jaxon pauses to think about this one.  After some time, he prays: “Pweese bring me a bunch of blue eggs.  Amen!”

We exchange about a million snuggles, Ba-Boo Million Billion Blues (Jaxon’s first pronunciation “Ba-Boo” of “love you” stuck) and then I leave him for the night.

I’m still laughing when I enter Brynn’s room to kiss her goodnight.  I explain Jaxon’s prayer to Brynn.  She’s pensive and responds, “Mommy, babies don’t really come from eggs, do they?”

Now I’m thoroughly giggling because my sweet baby girl speaks Jaxon more fluently than anyone on the planet and she made the connection I neglected to see.  If Brynn is correct, “Pweese bring me a bunch of blue eggs” is Jaxon speak for “please bring me a bunch of sons!”  Apparently, he’d like to just bypass the wife part…and the daughters!

One thought to “A Bunch of Blue Eggs”

  • Deborah Raney

    Oh! That is PRECIOUS! I love HIM a million, billion blue! And wish him lots of blue eggs, and maybe a couple of pink too. 😉 Love, Mimi


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