Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hi, I'm Jenica Raney and welcome to For a Raney Day (Raney...see what I did there?)  I'm a momma of 3 who loves Jesus, hearts all things organization, hates debt, and has a passion for sharing life with friends.

How to Spend a Raney day.

There are 3 areas of my life in which I am most passionate: Planning for a "Raney" day, Saving for a "Raney" day, and Sharing our "Raney" day. Let me tell you a little more about each.
Plan for a Raney day! I'm a natural born planner. Organization is my jam and I love sharing my best practices with others. This space is dedicated to providing practical advice in the areas of meal planning, organizational scheduling, and time management.
Save for a Raney day! The hubs and I are Dave Ramsey enthusiasts. We hate debt and practice a monthly zero based budget. This space is dedicated to imparting the wisdom we learned along the way in our efforts to improve the health of our financial pulse.
Share my Raney day! I'm a writer and often prefer this medium to talking. This space is dedicated to sharing our life to give encouragement, invoke thought, and provide a much needed belly laugh. Some topics I embrace: Adoption, Homeschooling, and Parenting

Meet My Crew.

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